UiPath NetIQ eDirectory Activities are now in Public Preview

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UiPath.NetIQeDirectory.Activities 1.0.0 are now available on the Official Feed


UiPath.NetIQeDirectory.Activities package offers cross-platform activities for LDAP (both eDirectory and Active Directory) directory services automation.

NetIQeDirectory activities:

  • can be added to any type of UiPath Studio project: Windows-Legacy, Windows, Cross-Platform
  • are compatible with all robot runtimes: Windows, MacOS, Linux + Serverless

This set of activities enables you to easily automate processes related to user management: create and update user accounts, manage group membership, objects management, and access control and rights management:

  • Employees On-boarding and Off-boarding
  • Password Reset & User Account Unlock
  • Directory Objects Management
  • Access Control, Group Memberships & Rights Delegation

Activities List

NetIQ eDirectory Scope – Connects to LDAP server and provides a scope for other NetIQeDirectory activities.

Common activities

Add Object to Group - Adds an object to a group.
Delete Object - Permanently deletes an object from the directory.
Get Object Distinguished Name – Retrieves the distinguished name of a given object.
Get Object Properties – Retrieves the properties of a given object.
Get Objects by Filter – Retrieves the list of directory objects based on an input filter.
Get Objects by LDAP Filter – Retrieves the list of directory objects matching an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) filter.
Is Object Member Of Group – Checks whether a given object belongs to a group.
Move Object – Moves an object to a new location in the directory.
Remove Object from Group - Removes an object from a group.
Rename Object - Renames a directory object.
Update Object Properties – Updates the specified properties of an object.

Users activities

Add User to Group – Adds a user account to a group.
Change User Password – Changes the password of a user account.
Create User – Creates a new user account in the directory.
Delete User – Permanently deletes a user account from the directory.
Force Password Change – Forces the user to change password at the next login.
Get Password Expiration Date – Retrieves the password expiration date for the specified user.
Get User Expiration Date – Retrieves the expiration date for a given user account.
Get User Groups – Retrieves the list of groups a user account is a member of.
Get User Status – Retrieves the lock and active status of a user account.
Remove User from Group – Removes a user account from a group.
Set User Expiration Date – Sets the expiration date for a given user account.
Set User Status – Sets the status of a user account.
User Exists – Checks if a user account exists in the directory.
Validate User Credentials – Validate a user’s credentials against the current directory.

Group activities

Add Group to Group – Adds a group to another group.
Create Group – Creates a new group in the directory.
Delete Group – Deletes a group from the directory.
Get Computers in Group – Retrieves the list of computers belonging to the specified group.
Get Users in Group – Retrieves the list of user accounts belonging to the specified group.
Group Exists – Checks if a group exists in the directory.
Remove Group from Group – Removes a group from another group.

Computers activities

Add Computer to Group – Adds a computer to the specified group.
Computer Exists – Checks if a computer exists in the directory.
Create Computer – Creates a new computer in the directory.
Delete Computer – Deletes a computer from the directory.
Get Computer Status – Retrieves the active status of a computer.
Remove Computer from Group – Removes a computer from the specified group.
Set Computer Status – Sets the active status of a computer.

How to install

UiPath.NetIQeDirectory.Activities package is available in the Official feed, as a prerelease. In the Official feed, check ‘Include Prerelease’, search for “UiPath.NetIQeDirectory.Activities”, and install the latest version.
** Important - We must reiterate, make sure you check the ‘Include Prerelease’ checkbox :ballot_box_with_check:

NetIQ eDirectory activities should be visible now in UiPath Studio:

How to use

The following sample workflow demonstrates how to use NetIQeDirectory activities in practice.

Employee On-boarding

The sample cross-platform Studio project below creates a new directory user and adds it to the associated department OU and Group.
NetIQeDirectory_LDAP_DirectoryServices.zip (5.0 KB)

Execution Result:


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This looks good. So can I use this to populate any of my AD ( e.g. Microsoft AD) and then integrate it my Oracle HCM?

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@Vishal_Kalra indeed you can use these activities to connect to AD servers and manage AD entries. And it will work on linux / mac / serverless robots too, not just windows ones.


Great @andreioros , thanks for confirming!


Thanks for confirming



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UiPath.NetIQeDirectory.Activities 1.0.0 are now available on the Official Feed