UiPath longest value

  1. I have a pdf and say it has one field called “X” at postion called say “A” and “B”.
  2. I need to extract the value “X” from either “A” or “B”.
  3. The value can be present at both the positions but the catch is in Datsa Labelling i found that even thought he data is available in both the positions it is always greyed out in one postion or both.
  4. If it is greyed out in both postion for that I have used

But sill it is not working.

Please help.


Hi @Ritaman_Baral ,
Can you share your file?
I will try get it

It’s a sensitive pdf…I can’t send

There are two similar values underlined with “Blue” and “Red”.

  1. Earlier I used datalabelling and trained all the documents for this field on “Blue” field.
  2. However for one document we found the bot was unable to extract the value from “Blue” field. It is extracting the “3540” part.
  3. So , we retrained Data Labelling with both the fields and used “longest value”.
  4. But then the value is coming as “3540 GATX 35450”.
  5. The catch for all the documents all the values are coming in both “Blue” and “Red” fields but for some the bot is able toe xtrcat from “Red” and for some “Blue”. Any fix ?