Data Labeling match one value with multiple fields

Hi UiPath Forum,

I have already searched the whole internet for this quite simple (?) problem without success.

I have this value in my document “1538347859-20”:


And I want to match it with both “po-no” and “dn-no”:


Matching it with the first field (“po-no”) is no problem.
After I match it with the second one (“dn-no”) it disappears from the first field.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

Best regards,
Christoph :slight_smile:

Hi @Christoph_Pfeiffer

May I please know if the po-no and dn-no both the values appears on the same position always.

If so then Data Labelling allows to choose one position to one field.
So you can have po-no as field name and the position to extract the value.
If you want the same value for dn-no also in Configure Extractor pass the po-no to the dn-no defined in Taxonomy.


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Hi @suraj.setty,

I should have mentioned that I’m working with an Intelligent Machine Learning Extractor.

We have like 7 different suppliers. Normally po-no & dn-no are different values on different locations within the pdf file.

Only one supplier has the exception that po-no = dn-no (the exact same position like in the screenshot, no other mentions on the entire pdf of one of the values).

So my pretty simple workaround looks like this:

  • In the Data Labeling I left the field empty so the ML Skill does not find the value.
  • After the extraction I build a rule that if the document is from the specific supplier, and all fields were found except the dn-no, the extraction was successful, so no validation in the Action Center needed.
  • After that, only for that specific supplier, assigning the empty dn-no with the found po-no and
    dispatch a Queue Item.

Thank you @suraj.setty for your input!

Best regards,
Christoph :slight_smile: