Uipath logic condition checks

I just started learning UiPath and have a background in Java and JavaScript.

I find myself constantly trying to type out Conditions of if statements like the following:

(booleanVal && !boolVal2) || numVal == 0

a few questions:

  1. What does the above translate to in UiPath?
  2. do I need to explicitly say if “booleanVal = True” or can I just put “booleanVal” inside if condition?
  3. Is there a good link someone can provide to help me translate the code in my head to UiPath accepted commands?

I don’t know of a specific resource that will help you translate your previous knowledge to UiPath. For the example you provided the condition would be:
(booleanVal and not boolVal2) or numVal=0


((booleanVal AndAlso Not boolVal2) OrElse (numVal = 0))

No, you don’t

Found this link - https://www.carlosag.net/tools/codetranslator/
Seems to translate accurately. Give it a try

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@goodoldme just what I was looking for, thank you!!!

It’s in .NET, so you can pretty much look up how to do any logic you wish to do. Just include .net in your search.

Also, I think version 2019 is coming with the ability to use C# if you want.

Also, most VB syntax works alongside vb .net

| => Or

|| => OrElse

& => And

&& => AndAlso

!= => <> (values) , IsNot (references)