?. and ?() null-conditional operators in uipath


Someone could say me why my null-conditional operators doesn’t works :



@Zoul Can you tell me Why are you using the ? :sweat_smile:

Hi @Zoul

U should use like != or equals

Ashwin S

@supermanPunch :


@AshwinS2 : I think we dont talk about the same thing but thank you for your help

@Zoul But that’s Ohk That Synatx is Of Vb.net but UiPath basically accepts c# form of Syntax, If you want to use VBA in UiPath you can use Invoke Code Activity, But i don; think that is what you need :sweat_smile:

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I dont understand, my exemple is a VBA operator and dont exist in VB.net !? This is a very usefull operator, It have something like that in VB.net ?

just use the regular condition like:
IF LstPatternFounded IsNot Nothing AndAlso LstPatternFounded = True

And if you want to ask for this to be implemented, please go here:

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What is the better solution between :


IF LstPatternFounded IsNot Nothing AndAlso LstPatternFounded = True

i think you understand you cant use null conditional operators in there right?