UiPath Linux Robots #2B: Deploy and Run UiPath Linux Robots


This tutorial picks up from the Part 2A video here in which we set up everything we required to deploy our UiPath Linux Robot and have it run a demo Automation!

And now it’s time to deploy our first Linux Robot!

And while we are at it, let’s scratch the surface a bit and look inside our Docker Robot #logs to see what’s going on. Finally, we’ll wrap up Part 2B (and in effect, the Part 2) video on UiPath Linux Robots by going into some issues that you might encounter when working with Docker and UiPath Linux Robots.

The Phase 2B video track covers the following information:

  1. 00:00 - Before proceeding with Part #2B
  2. 00:36 - Pull UiPath Image into Docker
  3. 03:22 - Deploy the UiPath Linux Robot
  4. 07:20 - Container ID and other Relevant features
  5. 10:26 - A TALE OF CAUTION. Especially for Community Users!
  6. 15:30 - Run the Cross-platform Automation
  7. 20:14 - Docker Robot Logs and Non-Persistent Execution
  8. 27:32 - Epilogue - A few things to note
    • net5 to net6 transition
    • Docker resource consumption