UiPath Linux Robots #1: Set up Docker Desktop for Windows

Hello UiPath Community!

We have a new exciting area to get into! UiPath Linux Robots! :slight_smile:

But before getting in on the action, we’ll need to set up Docker Desktop for Windows required for us to host and run UiPath Linux Robots.

The Audience:

You may find this video helpful if:

  1. You’re getting into Docker for the first time
  2. Docker makes you curious and you want to get started with a minimalist approach
  3. You’ve found an excuse to get back into Docker (like me!)

About this Video:

  1. On the subject of Linux Robots, we focus on setting up Docker Desktop for Windows
  2. In the process we’ll go past just the installation and touch upon a couple of Docker’s own Getting Started tutorials
  3. By covering the initial parts of these tutorials, we’ll also get to verify that our installation of Docker Desktop for Windows is working correctly

The video track covers the following topics:

  1. 00:30 - Prologue: A few points to clarify
  2. 03:14 - Install Docker Desktop for Windows
  3. 04:34 - Apply Updates for WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux 2)
  4. 07:40 - Start the Docker Tutorial Container
  5. 11:52 - Build your first Docker Image
  6. 18:20 - Start the TODOs App Docker Container
  7. 20:28 - Epilogue (and conclusion)

Cheers! :+1:


@AndyMenon, awesome tutorial!

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Thank you @Pablito ! :slight_smile: :+1: