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I have a question regarding invoke powershell activity, once the robot started executing the invoke powershell activity whether robot waits till powershell script execution completion or after calling the script robot ends its execution?


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Hey @vikumars

Yes, It will wait for the execution to complete.



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I think it won’t wait till powershell completes the execution
UiPath just invoke and triggers the script and closes

Have a view on this thread on similar note and on how to solve in a way to wait till it powershell completes

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It’s best to try to actually do it. For example, the following will wait 10 sec.



Thank you @Palaniyappan for the reply. So from the orchestrator job is triggered, after initialising the PowerShell script, if the robot finishes its execution and sign out the Virtual machine, it will impact the Powershell which is running background.

So from the Uipath delay time activity is the option to overcome this right

Hi @Yoichi Thanks for the suggestion, but the robot finishes the execution & sign out the Virtual machine it will interrupt the PowerShell script.


If you call aync command such as Start-Process without Wait option in powershell script, robot doesn’t wait for it. So, it depends on your script, i think.


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