UiPath Integration with ZOOM. Response {"code":300,"message":"Request Body should be a valid JSON object."}

Hello All,

I am trying to create Zoom meeting via API. In the HTTP request activity i have added the endpoint and selected “post” method.
In the headers i have added the bearer token. and below json i have added in the body.
“topic”: “Test”,
“type”: “2”,
“start_time”: “2021-05-06T22:00:00”,
“duration”: “10”,
“timezone”: “UTC”,
“password”: “asdasd”,
“agenda”: “Demo”

But still it gives me response as “Request Body should be a valid JSON object”. I have tried all different ways to resolve this issue. Atlast i am putting this here on forum. Some help here would be greatly approciated. Thanks in advance

Try using single quotes instead of double quotes.

Hi Paul,
I tried with single quotes but it gives the same error. Please find the attached images of what i have tried.

In your first one you’re using those weird double quotes. Paste it into Notepad and replace the double quotes with the regular ones.

The second one you don’t have any quotes around the names (topic, type, etc)

The third one should work, it’s valid JSON according to this https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/


Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply.
As per your suggestion i used the below format, still it recognizes as invalid :frowning:

Try using [ and ] instead of { and }

Hi Paul,
I found the solution. The Json input was correct but the body format should be “application/json”.It was “application/xml” before and so it was not working


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