Environment Setup

I am trying to understand the ideal way to set up environments. We plan on having separate environments like, Dev ,SIT, UAT and Prod . (And, Not the UiPath ‘Environment’ terminology)

What would be the best practice / guideline or recommended way to set up infrastructure for below?

  1. Set up Dev, SIT, UAT and Prod environments for RPA development, then would it need to create Four-Tenants within the Same Single Orchestrator Instance ?
  2. Create Four Separate Orchestrator Instances each having a Single-Tenant which means one Orchestrator instance each for Dev /SIT / UAT / Prod?

In a nutshell, is Multi-Tenancy the right way to have separate set-up for Dev/SIT/UAT / Prod environments within an enterprise for RPA Development using UiPath?

I have exactly the same query. How to set up 3 different environments for Dev, UAT, Prod? For Orchestrator (cloud), Studio, Robot. What are the steps, pre-requisites, h/w, s/w requirements?