💥 UiPath HyperHack 2023 Finalist Teams 💥

:loudspeaker: We are super excited to announce the :boom:HyperHack 2023 Finalist Teams:boom:!!

During the last week we had one of the toughest tasks of the year: to evaluate an amazing set and a record number of solutions submitted in the two categories of HyperHack2023. All so that we can now proudly announce the finalist teams and prepare for the much-awaited HyperHack 2023 Live Finale!

And here they are (in random order):

:rocket: Category 1: AI Powered Automation Solutions

  1. Medic AI; team leader @sarikayaebru (Turkey)
    A UiPath App and an Attended Robot to solve the medication errors.
  2. Ingram HyperHackers; team leader @argin.lerit (US, Phillipines)
    A UiPath App that generates a personalized guided meditation.
  3. Doc Robot; team leader @Mason_Turvey_Silver (US)
    Doc Robot is a virtual assistant that is slightly medical themed.
  4. FiftyFifty; team leader @samuc4 (Brazil)
    Connect refugees stricken by war and disaster with registered volunteers.
  5. SimplifyInvest; team leader @Daryl_Chia (Singapore)
    Automate the collation of relevant news articles and performing sentiment analysis.
  6. Sanatate Revendicare; team leader @sukrutha.gs (India)
    A digital solution which transforms the hospital medical pharmacy.
  7. Team Circular Economy; team leader Pawan Kumar (India)
    Application that ensures transaction validity and customer satisfaction.
  8. Doctor SimplifAI; team leader Revant Singh (Singapore)
    A very real use case in healthcare that has been faced by any patient who has visited a GP or a specialist.
  9. Acces-O-Bots; team leader @iulia.prodan (Romania)
    An end-to-end automation solution for Customer feedback analysis.

:rocket::rocket: Category 2: CORE Business Automation Solutions

  1. Boundaryless Test Automation; team leader @deepak.rai6 (India)
    Our solution automates test case, test data, and test report generation, streamlining software testing.
  2. Individual-GYW; team leader @yikwen.goo (Singapore)
    Personal expense tracker leveraging the UiPath Automation Platform
  3. sofkAutomations; team leader @Jefferson_Cordoba_Cuaical (Columbia)
    A robot that tracks and analyses real-time opinions on social media and news platforms.
  4. The Silicon Robots 2.0; team leader @usharma (India)
    Unsubscribing to emails as well as deleting older emails
  5. You. Why? Path!; team leader Natalia Spindola (Brazil)
    Four automated interconnected parts, where each one relies on the previous one to initiate its process.
  6. Automigos; team leader @emre.balci (Turkey)
    An innovative public application designed to revolutionize the recruitment process.
  7. Persistent_IMA; team leader Amit Kumar Pandey (India)
    A user-friendly automation solution which can provide an alternate to a
    given medicine.
  8. Team Samaritan; team leader Vino Livan Nadar (India)
    Facilitate the Government’s decision-making process on adoption suitability.
  9. Mohtasim Mapkar; team leader Mohtasim Mapkar (India)
    Facilitate end to end identification of bot accounts and final deletion of malicious accounts.

Curious to see them shine and find out more? Then please join us for the:
:boom:UiPath Community HyperHack 2023 Live Finale
:calendar: August 3rd, 16:00 CET, 19:30 IST, 10:00 EDT

Whether you cheer for your favourite team, or leave insightful comments in the chat box, this finale will be a true community talent celebration! You can choose your preferred category stream or switch in between the 2 streams at anytime.

See you soon! And may the best teams WIN!! :rocket: :rocket: :trophy: :globe_with_meridians: :globe_with_meridians:

Live Finale hosts:
AI category: @Rohit_Radhakrishnan @diana.gray
CORE category: @Vibhor.Shrivastava @cristina.vidu


Thanks so much Cristina!

I also had two other members in my team @Srinivas k and @Vishal Kalra, id there’s a specific invite or anything make sure they get it as well.

Hyped to present our solution :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Mason S Turvey

Aerospace Engineer
Systems Architect
Automation Evangelist



Great work everybody. So many smart and useful ideas, congrats.