Uipath http api

I want to use http request like post put delete and patch .
i’m using https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/posts for post method but the data which i am sending is not being reflected on the site

Kindly have a view in this thread pls

Cheers @Krutika_Kotkar


Hi @Krutika_Kotkar,

The above post is related to Orchestrator API where you don’t have any info regarding post and other types of requests. May be @Palaniyappan linked it by mistake.

Coming to the question, can you let me know the status and response you are getting while sending the request?

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@HareeshMR I created a local url for json and tried to hit the api’s it’s working now .

Could you please provide more details here step wise so that people with the same issue will get some help from that @Krutika_Kotkar. Glad you got the solution