Uipath How To Write Dictionary(String,Object) Variable Type To Excel Or Write Line

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I would want to try dictionary(string,object) variable type from input to write line activity on uipath.When ı try to do that thing , it gives error like as below ;


My Data From Excel ;


My Workflow;
Active_Directory.xaml (15.7 KB)

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If you have your dictionary as (string, object) then you have to explicitly define how it handles the value because it could hold anything (a string, an int, a datatable, etc). ie myDict(“some key”).ToString - assuming that’s the type of value it holds.

However, a dictionary isn’t the correct type of thing to use for writing to Excel. All the Excel activities are based on datatables. Put your data into a datatable instead of dictionary, and then use Write Range, Append Range, etc depending upon your needs.

Could you send me one example like in my xaml?