Dynamic input to activities

I want to use c# code like Dictionary[key] in the input of Excel Application Scope activity but its giving me an error as it is expecting a string input. Is there a way do it rather than using an assign activity and create an unnecessary variable?


Hey @krunal_patel

Which Language you have selected for your Project ? VB or C#?


Hey Aksh,

I am sorry I am new to UiPath, I haven’t selected any language for my project. But I think its VB.
Is this why I am not able to use C#? Can I change the language for my project.

Hi @Kunal_Puranik

For that you have to update your community version. do not know which version you are using.

now back to your main question - so it is default one so just replace your configDictionary[“inputExcelPath”] To configDictionary(“inputExcelPath”).ToString


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welcome to UiPath community
while creating new process we can select the language that we want to use
and we got such option in new 2019.6 version onwards,
C# Support - Experimental
It is a setting for the entire new project


–and to download this version or even newer one go to https://platform.uipath.com
get into the cloud platform with any common authentication method like use your google account and password to login and it will take use to the cloud platform
–there click on the RESOURCES tab and download the newer version

–once installed we can use C# language and we can use with the expression you have now or we can use vb.net as yourdictionaryvariablename(“yourkeyname”).tostring

hope this would help you
for more info on the newer version

Cheers @Kunal_Puranik