UiPath HAA (Redis) Port in install documentation is not accurate

Orchestrator v2019 and latest HAA package.

I just encountered a minor documentation hiccup. The docs say the Redis port used by Orchestrator (from the HAA package) is 6739/tcp. That’s somewhat off from what I just experienced. When I installed the HAA package and finally got it working (no tweaking as well … as-is-out-of-box), I discovered the defined port within the redistributed Redis install from UiPath is actually 36739/tcp.

Anyone else hit this minor inconvenience ?

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Where to download the UiPath HAA module? Is it free?

You can find the download location here: Installation

What you download is simply a re-distribution of Redis from UiPath (they must have a re-distribution license agreement with Redis Labs or maybe Redis Labs allows this in the boiler plate licensing or something). It is not free. When you install without a license key, you get a 30-day trial license of Redis.

Were you able to connect to Orch using that port? Im having issues connecting HAA to Orch and noticed the port difference.