UiPath Forms - DataTable - Getting RowIndex on click on a row

Hi !

I made a form, where a datatable is being displayed with data from a excel file.

I need to get the RowIndex of a clicked Row, is this somehow possible? for example with a trigger?
The datatable looks like this…

thanks in advance


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Try to get the selected row data and then use lookup datatable to get the row index using a unique value from the row


could you further explain how to get the selected rowdata? with which activity for example?

a shortcut could also be to add / set a helper column with the row index

I also came up with that idea - adding a helper column and allowing to “select” rows by providing a value to a text box. but that isnt quite functionally forward as Id wish it do be

How would you proceed from there?

Id like to have something like a on click listener on the row of the data table… a trigger for it or something like that.

this we did not mention and was not meant, when we were talking about:

and which is added to the data table, that is used within the form

Ok, and how would I be able to get the selected IDX on a mouse click?

same as you would get the other column data from the row

I do not have any way to achieve this at the moment… therefore I asked the question.
Do you mind helping me how to get a specific row of a datatable by clicking on it one? By selecting it?

we already noticed that you have asked. But we cannot know which skills are missing and which ones are present.

So share with us what was done in detail so far.

Events could be the first start for the get selected detection

Like already mentioned in my first post … I created a UiPath Form. Before I open the form, I am reading in an Excel Sheet in - which I am using as a data table in the project. I display this data table in the UiPath-Form. I need a functionality to get for example the ID on a mouse click.

I want for example to display the id as a textlabel in the form.

I researched some hours and I did not found any activity or way on how to achieve this.