Comparing Two Tables To Remove Row

Hi All, I am kind of new to uipath and need a little help with something I am currently stuck on. I am trying to loop through a DataTable and when a specific event happen I want the BOT to remove that row in another DataTable with the same ClientID. I am receiving an error “Remove Data Row: There is no row at position -1”. This is what I have so far.

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@jl317 What’s that Assign Statement for?

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So in ADD TO COLLECTIONS activity was the rowindex added to the list variable with value like this

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This is how the variable look like for rowindex.

Fine buddy
But what is the value passed in ADD TO COLLECTIONS activity

Thank you. I was referencing vDatatableFilterExtension.Rows.IndexOf(row) and not vDatatableFilterExtension.Rows.IndexOf(rowDt2)

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