Uipath Form Designer

Hello Experts.

I want to use the today date format ("MM/dd/yyyy) as default value in uipath form designer.

And also I want to get the output date is (“MM/dd/yyyy”) but I got like the below format in output. How do I configure the date time format in uipath form designer.

Please let me know if you have any kind of solutions. Thanks.


We can change the format here display panel, if it is not present in your form update it.
If you cannot update
You can pass to argument in collections and change the format using parse method in do block


can you please elaborate it. Sorry I didn’t get your point.


Refer to below xaml, install UiPath.webapi packages
Main.xaml (12.6 KB)

I can’t open the file. can u please share me the shareshots of the process.


24.zip (75.0 KB)
Extract this zip file

Try this and let me know

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Thanks bro. This is the solution I need. And I also want the current date as the default date and display the user the current date as the default value. It’s also possible to set up the setting in form designer.please let me know.


Well, I created it for current date it will show current date as default date in form

When the next day comes, it will automatically chage the date as well, right?

Yes It will change

Thanks for sharing. This is the solution I need. Thanks a lot.