Set Default Date Format within a Process in UiPath Studio


I am finding a way to set default date format in UiPath. All our machines’ default date format is dd/mm/yyyy and UiPath Studio’s default format is always mm/dd/yyyy.

This created lots of problems when reading data from CSV, Excel or other data sources to data tables. UiPath Studio will automatically convert them using mm/dd/yyyy.

For example, 02/06/2021(2nd Jun 2021), it will be converted into 6th Feb 2021.

I read some answers from this forum saying it will follow the default setting of our machines, but it is just not the case. Is this a bug?

It will be very handy if UiPath Studio can have an activity to set default date format within the process as it’s very common for us to process data from different countries with different date formats.


You can specify your culture info to the main thread at the beginning of the bot execution.


Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture("pt-BR")

But I had some issues with this approach due some activities requires an Invariant Culture.

So I created an activity called Culture Scope. Is part of Autossential activities:

The Culture Scope activity changes the culture info of the main thread by the one that you specify and restore after the scope end. So what you need to do is work with your CSV inside the Culture Scope.


Thanks Alex. Will have a try.