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I want to verify my password with UiPath.Form.Activities. Specifically, if the two password inputs do not match, display a message indicating that it is NG. As far as I can tell, the password component doesn’t have the ability to verify the mismatch between two passwords in the Validation feature. Do you have any good ideas?


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You can do it by adding a text field which has the error message, mark it as hidden by default
and showcase that error message whenever the text of these two components are not matched.

you can do this comparison with the help of Advanced condition option using JavaScript.

You can put the condition on the submit button to be disabled, if that text box component is visible

I posted a tutorial on how to use condition. I am sure this will help, do try it out.


Thank you for advice!
I solved it by adding the following components and Advanced logic.


[Advanced Logic]


That’s amazing! Glad the tutorial could be of some help to you.

Happy Automating!

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