Help with a bot who can automatically log me into a website

I am a very beginner user (have basic training) and I am trying to build a bot where can automatically login to a website (e.g. fb, or other website in general). Ideally when i run a bot, the bot can get the username and password from a excel file (saved in local drive) and log in to the website. so i wont need to type the username and pass word every time. Can someone help me with a workflow? Thank you!!

You can either use workbook read range or excel read range activity to retrieve data from Excel file. Then simply use type into activity to the username field and the password field. But in most cases it’s not desirable to store password in Excel as plaintext. Instead you can use, type secure string or get secure credential activity to secure your password.

workbook read range

excel read range

type into

type secure text

get secure credential