Uipath form activity, set dropdown display limit need help!

Hi, frineds! i’m putting many number of datas as dropdown list using form activity
and there’s one problem with my too many number of data
in my actual txt file, there’s 3k of rows that i need to make as dropdown list value
but ui form always tries to display all the data that i passed through, so it takes too long to process
so, i would want to set limitation of display only for 10 ~ 20 data, whenever i click dropdown list
but still i can search as normal for all of the values from my text file data

is there any solution for this? please help me out thank you!

ps - i cannot upload my example file directly with uploader here, cuz i’m a newbie :frowning:
so here’s google drive link

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Hi, could you assist?


Hey @yoyo_1

Please try setting the Choice JS options under Data tab with the below value…

  "renderChoiceLimit": 5

You can change or update the above constant number 5 to any number as per your requirement.

Attaching project for your reference.

nmnithinkrishna_LimitFormDropdowns.zip (3.1 KB)

Hope this helps.



it works as charm thank you so much!

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