UIPath Form Designer - Form Dropdown List Size

Hello. Problem I’m facing is when manually inputting values into form dropdowns, after about 50 or so it really slows down, and after 300 entries it becomes unusable. Would there be a way to optimize this to allow larger lists to be inputted as that would be tremendously helpful. Thanks!

I’ve noticed that one can bind the drop-down list field key to a workflow variable of type array.

Piggy-backing on this though. Once you make a selection, you’ll have to deserialize the json output iot retrieve the value. So I thought that maybe using ChoiceJS could be better but i have no idea how to configure it. Perhaps the full list of 300 entries can go in there and the option returned as a normal binded string.
Side note: this format doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Hi ricardo.dacosta. Thank you for the suggestion, have tried using various form input methods though and while they work on smaller number of dropdowns (less than a couple hundred), it would keep freezing my UI on dropdowns over 1k in size. In the Edit JSON box however I did try utilizing that method and it worked! Thank you for the idea!

Thank you guys for letting us know about slowness issue. I will inform proper team to look on this.