UiPath.Executor has stopped working

I’m getting UiPath.Executor has stopped working error on my system. It appears randomly sometimes.
I’m running bot from robot tray. I’ve UiPath 2018.2.4 version.

By checking windows event viewer logs it shows some igdrcl32.dll module faulted.
Can anybody here knows what is this error ?


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@Palaniyappan - By checking execution log it says below error -

16:32:06.8474 Error {“message”:“Error compiling code\nerror BC2000: compiler initialization failed unexpectedly: Project already has a reference to assembly UiPath.Web.Activities.Design.resources. A second reference to ‘C:\Users\Sanjeet\.nuget\packages\uipath.webapi.activities\1.4.2\lib\net452\ja\UiPath.Web.Activities.Design.resources.dll’ cannot be added. At line -27\n”,“level”:“Error”,“logType”:“User”,“timeStamp”:“2019-11-28T16:32:06.8524578+13:00”,“fingerprint”:“99bfcc0a-0b6e-49e5-a26d-e70b84cadb94”,“windowsIdentity”:“SF-ROOT\Sanjeet”,“machineName”:“E1234567”,“processName”:“ConnectedService”,“processVersion”:“1.0.7270.38797”,“fileName”:“Main”,“jobId”:“30cc0868-2c82-494a-b1f3-ffaff0bdbbe7”,“robotName”:“SF-ROOT\Sanjeet”}

do you what exactly the above error related to & how to resolved it ?
I think its related to nuget package, but i dont know how to fix it.