UiPath Excel Problem

How to merge the extracted tables from website into one excel table with different columns of same sequence
I extract two two tables by using data scrapping
Now I want to add those extracted data table into one excel file
I want to merge the tables with their added columns how can i do this? i-e table 1 data in column 1 , table 2 data in column 3
My tables don’t have anything common
how to achieve this?
This is my workflow
Main.xaml (45.1 KB)

Please help

This is a standard database operation called a join. Use the Join Data Table activity.

HI @Aima_Arif

As suggested you can try with join datatable

Here you refer this


If my table don’t have anything common even both tables have different field then how to merge them?


You can try using merge datatable…where you have options to select in missing achema action…select the options where it doesnot use column names to identify