Uipath,excel application scope,read range,write cell

company code customer code customer SO Number Remarks
A1 pq1 aaaa w12
A1 pq1 aaaa w13
B1 tf2 dddd w34
C1 hj1 jjjj w98

This is sample dataset

process to be done
enter company code
enter customer code
condition 1 -------/// if"window" come then BOT will insert Remark as “Pending ” in Remarks Column for that SO Number
Save excel
same repeat for remaing rows and append into excel ///

Condition 2
if pop up window comes mail …customer code is not present
I am new to Uipath.stucked at this problem

Hi @sanyoja_sagare
Welcome to the UiPath Community!

Are you stuck in a specific step? If you’re generally unaware about how Studio or StudioX works, then I recommend completing training courses designed for beginners in academy.uipath.com

This is a good use case for StudioX, which is easier to learn for beginners.
Good luck! :slight_smile: