UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.10.4 Protected sheet

I upgraded from 2.9.5 to 2.10.4 of the UiPath.Excel.Activities and when my unchanged Bot ran it encountered a new exception with message “The cell or chart you’re trying to change is on a protected sheet. To make a change, unprotect the sheet. You might be requested to enter a password.” - this is true in this case. However the cell I was writing (ExcelWriteCell) to was specifically unprotected.

In 2.9.5 this operation worked, in 2.10.4 the error occurs. I reverted back to 2.9.5 and the unchanged Bot is working again.

I have not yet gone to the 21.* version of the activity to see if it remains in later versions.

Hey @GenXDo ,

Just wanted to check a couple of things to help us understand this better:

  1. Was the excel sheet protected? If so, were some of the cells unlocked and some were locked?
  2. In between the two runs, was there anything changed in the workflow other than the Excel version?
  3. What activity were you running when you encountered this issue?

I’ve tried to repro this on my machine by locking some of the cells in an Excel sheet and protecting the sheet. I’ve then tried to run a Write cell activity on an unlocked cell and the cell was updated successfully.

Apology for the delay, with reverting back to an earlier version it alleviated the urgency. However to assist in resolving for the future here are the answers.

  1. Excel sheet was protected, Yes some of the cells were unlocked (there are 10 ranges that are unlocked) and the rest of the sheet was locked.
  2. In between the two runs nothing changed in the workflow or workbook except the UiPath.Excel.Activities (I can reproduce simply by upgrading / downgrading that dependency).
  3. The failed activity is UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExcelWriteCell

Understood that your repo worked while mine still does not. Is there something else that I could double check?

Do you happen to have a sample project to share with us? That might help us repro the problem and investigate this further.

Hi Raluca,

I submitted the actual project named BoilerLogBot to Joe Long for a code review unrelated to this ticket. Could you reach out to Joe to obtain a copy of the project (I would have to secure send it again if Joe can’t provide it.

a) To replicate the error, first run the Tests\Test BoilerLogBot – Happy Path as is on your workstation, it will build out some Data\Output folders and workbooks.

b) Then change the UiPath.Excel.Activities to a new version, then re-run the Tests\Test BoilerLogBot – Happy Path changing the “TestDataDayToProcess” to a new day value like today day 8 of the month. That should then through the error in question.