How to unprotect excel cells in UiPath?

Hello All,

I am working on POC where excel sheet needs to be updated with required data after some other processing.

Problem : Excel Sheets provided are password protected as well cell protected. Though there is functionality in UiPath to process password protected excel but I couldn’t find any activity related to unprotecting excel cell.

As a workaround, we requested users to provide unprotected excel cell. But we need to find a way if this can be done by UiPath tool. Can someone advise how to perform this action.

Neha Lakhani

Hello @nehalakhani
have you tried using workbook activity instead of excel scope (if you are using it) …
I did testing and workbook activity is working fine for locked cell/sheet.

Hello Akshay,

Yes I tried below options:

  1. Use WorkBook - Write Cell
    Error - Whole excel file got corrupted( perhaps due to formulas used)

  2. use Excel - Write Cell
    Error - I got the error - ‘cell doesnt exists’. Also, there is only option to provide password for workbook not for cell.

if possible can you post the value that you are trying to write into cell…

Yes, I just tried to write ‘hello’

So I think there is issue in case the file is only cell protected and not sheet protected

I dont think that is the issue…
[I might be wrong]
because by default all cells are marked locked…
and when we protect the sheet only then cell gets locked…

give us the exact value that you are trying to write into the cell…