UiPath Enterprise - Document Understanding: Machine Learning Classifier error


I’m getting the following error when trying to use the Machine Learning Classifier activity:

“Classify Document Scope: The server API version is greater than the version supported by the activity.”

Using the Enterprise version of Studio 2021.10.3, and the enterprise DU API Key.
I’m looking to use the machine earning classifier for documents such as passports/IDs.
I’ve also got the latest DU and ML packages installed.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @fahad_quadri

Welcome to forum.

Please try to downgrade the ML activities and try again.

Hope that works.

Hi Suraj,

Thank you for the prompt response.
I’ve downgraded from 1.12.0 (preview) to 1.9.1, but unfortunately get the same error.

Not sure if it helps but I’m using the public endpoint for passports within the activity.

Kind Regards


Hi @fahad_quadri

May i know from where are you getting the API key from?

Hi Suraj,

Our Enterprise Orchestrator, the Document Understanding API Key under Admin->Licenses

Kind Regards


Hi @fahad_quadri

Sorry for delay in response , may i know What is the end point provide to ML Classifier.

Hi Suraj,

No problem, is the public endpoint for passports:

Hi Fahad,

The public endpoint for Passports are still in Preview and the API key being used could be not compatible , this could be an reason for the error.

I would suggest you to contact UI Path Technical support for Enterprise License issues.

please find the link below. Also i would suggest to select the priority as “High” or “Urgent” based on the requirement.

Contact Technical Support (uipath.com)

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Thanks Suraj,

Appreciate the assistance, will contact them

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