The Server API Version Is Greater Than The Version Supported By The Activity

Machine Learning Classifier Error fix for "The server API version is greater than the version supported by the activity".


When attempting to connect a Machine Learning Classifer to a public endpoint for an OOB model, or a Skill that is deployed in AI Center, the following error message is observed - Request CorrelationId: The server API version is greater than the version supported by the activity.

This error occurs if Extraction end points are used instead of Classifier end point in Machine Learning Classifier activity

Root Cause: In the documentation Machine Learning Classifier , when it mentions the following,

  • "The Machine Learning Classifier activity can work by default with Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Utility Bills."

This is in reference to the types of documents that the ML Classifier can work with by default.

Further down in that same document, there is a statement similar to what is seen when you pull a Machine Learning Classifier into a project that states,

  • "Machine Learning Classifier only works with Machine Learning Classifier Skills. Using any other Skills (receipts, invoices, etc.) with it, will result in an error."

In this context, the statement is referring to actual skills. In other words, only use Machine Learning Classifier Skills with the ML Classifier activity. If you try to use the public endpoints for invoices, receipts, etc, these are meant for extraction.

For additional understanding - Open AI Center and go to ML Packages for the project and view the out-of-the-box packages for Document Understanding. Notice the description that most of the OOB packages have mention that they are for extraction. There is one DocumetClassifier package that mentions in the description that it is meant for document classification. To give a visual, see the following screenshot,

Resolution: Try the below,

Approach #1: Use public end point for a classifier (not an Extractor) - This is in preview(as of writing this article) but check if it works. Refer Licensing - Public Endpoints .

Approach #2: Use Document Classifier package from AI Center - Out of the box packages and deploy it as a skill and use this skill in Machine Learning Classifier activity.

If issue still occurs post confirming the correct Endpoint/Skill being used for the Machine Learning Classifier, share the following information with UiPath Product Support for further investigation,

  1. S​​share the project files in a zipped folder (XAML, project.json, etc). If unable to share the project, please share a screenshot of the Configure Classifiers page in the project.
  2. What version of the UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities package is being used? Please share a screenshot of the project's dependencies if the full project cannot be provided.
  3. Specifically what other available Endpoints/Skills have been tried that are causing the "Request CorrelationId: The server API version is greater than the version supported by the activity. Error"
  4. If possible, share an example document that the issue is occurring with.