UiPath Document Understanding Overview Demo - path is not accessible?

I am currently working through the UiPath Document Understanding Overview Demo and creating a workflow alongside the demo to better understand how to implement DU. In the following screenshot I have a For Each loop I’ve created to access a directory full of documents after creating a Taxonomy for this project. I’ve highlighted the For Loop – it simply serves as a way to output the files sitting inside the directory.

As follows:

In the next step I am working on digitizing the documents and I need to again access the single path variable that was previously created inside of the For Loop. However, it says the following error:

In the demo, the instructor puts path without question but doesn’t have a solution file included in this portion… this is the following properties I have set that create this error- these are the only variables available to me to use the paths but I need individual path(s) which I believed would’ve been stored inside path. Is anyone able to help me with this?


Additionally, here is the property settings for the For Loop:

Hi @ajeffers

I think the variable to use is docName, I saw the log before Digitize Document activity also mention the docName is the document to digitize.



the docName is the docName without the extension on the end, wouldn’t that cause issues?

Hi again @ajeffers

If you are going to run your DU over a serie of documents called paths using a For Each loop, all your DU activities should be inside the For Each Body, in that way your Digitize section will have access to the iteration variable path.

Looks like this worked! Small mistake I overlooked, thank you!

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