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Hello guys

I am learning Document Understanding, in template manager I faced an issue, how can I grab more than one elements in one time, thanks in advance

Hello @Liwq

The question is not very much clear to me… Are you asking how to capture multiple elements on the document into a specific extraction field?
or are you asking whether it is possible to tag a document into multiple document types?

If you want to tag text elements into a specific field, you can always do the following…

  • highlight the area of text so it will highlight all the words in the region. Next click on the three dots next to the field and click on Change extraction Value option.
  • If you want to tag a document into multiple document types - as of now it is not possible unless your document has multiple document types in different pages. (for example, page one contains an invoice, page 2 contains a purchase order etc.) This can be done through Document Classification.

Let me know whether I answered your question properly… If not, please explain the question in a bit more detail, so I can try helping you out :slight_smile:

Have a great day!!

Hi Fernando, thanks for your reply, it help me solve the issue.

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