UiPath DataTable to Excel Range

Rolf Thomassen
May 13, 2016 15:38 ANSWERED
I have a Datatable i have made by reading a Range from Excel sheet.

I want to save the Datatable to another Execl Workbook and new sheet.

I can do this. but I need to have the Range of the DataTable im saving in the new Excel Sheet…

Eg. The Datatable have 15 coloumns with 50 Rows. and I Write Range a “Sheet1!A10”

Then I want to get a return range somhow from the system that the DataTable have the following Range “A10:M60” or so.

Then I can save this Range for the NeXT load of the DataTable with a RangeRead with Range “A10:M60” and only get the active rows of the Datatable.

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Mihai Badita May 13, 2016 17:00
The next version of the Excel activities will support writing/reading an “Excel table” into a sheet, and also retrieving its range.

Right now, unfortunately you need to do all these processing manually (calculate in the workflow that range)

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