UiPath Data Service | Querying and Updating Data in Relational Data Models

Hi All,

Published another video, Part 3 of the Data Service video series that focuses on querying and updating the data in the models.


If you are seeing this post for the first time, please refer to the first few videos as well, to easily understand the flow. Links are below:


Is API available for Data Service?

@ankit.saraf - Bro, your input is needed here

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@kishore.shetty1 - We don’t have the APIs documented yet, as we need to build a mechanism to generate access tokens for it. We have it high on our backlog.

What is your use case you are planning with APIs?

@ankit.saraf Sorry for the late reply. I have no a particular use case for now, I was just doing basic R&D on Data Service and I heard somewhere that API services are available for it. Anyway thanks for the information and I wanted to know what updates can we expect in future for Data Service?

Thanks @kishore.shetty1, we will keep this forum informed once the APIs become available.

We are currently working on File (Attachment) and Choice Sets (Enum) data types, and entity level permissions for Oct release. These new features should release by end of October.

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