UiPath Data Service have data access restriction option?

Hi Team,

I am having questions whether we are able to restrict the data in Data services for the users

Let me explain the senario

I am using UiPath apps to submit the details which will be stored in data service and my teammates also will use same uipath app link to update the details and it will be stored under same entity under data services

But when I try to open or access the uipath apps link that should be display only submitted / updated details by me for that entity and it should not get the access/display for my teammates details

Please let us know whether is it possible to restrict the data in data services using uipath apps?

If possible, please let me know how to restrict the details based on the user access while accessing from uipath apps for the specific entity


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Hi @Naveen.Ch - This functionality to really restrict the data access between users for a single entity requires support for “Record level permissions”. It is a functionality which currently doesn’t exist but is high on Data Service backlog.

If you want to though only limit to showing records created by the current app user, you can filter the Data Service entity on the CreatedBy field using Email from User Context References. This doesn’t provide security isolation of data but just display level filtering of data.

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Hi @ankit.saraf

Thank you for the quick response

Yeah , I am aware about the filters but looking something like singlesignin user access using uipath app so it will fetch automatically those specific records and it should not show other records

@Naveen.Ch - Are you trying to secure the data or just to filter the data? If it is filter, the platform implementation is using the filters.

With the secure mechanism, it will never allow the other user to see records from you. That will be a security data isolation mechanism.

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Hi @ankit.saraf

Yes , I am looking for the something related secure mechanism , I hope that is not possible as now right?

Thanks for the clarification Naveen, that is not possible today but it is high on our backlog. I am hoping we should have it by early next year.

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I am having one more question regarding uipath apps

Is it possible to generate 5,7 digit random number using some inbuilt uipath app function without using uipath studio process to update in data services

@Venkata_Rajendran - Do you know the answer to this question from Naveen?

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@Naveen.Ch : we have a guid function in Apps, through which you can generate a unique identifier.

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@Venkata_Rajendran @ankit.saraf thank you for the response

Is it possible to pass source as entity column for drop down in uipath apps

I have tried passing like this : list(entity name,[column name]).columnname

But it showing in drops down as object instead of names which is available under column

@Naveen.Ch : Can you try the following?

Mention the entity table as list source nad the column in the column property . In the below example, TP_Department is the entity name and Location is the column

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Thank you

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