Read or add record in Data Service entity table

Trying to assess and evaluate different options for business users to read data stored in DS entity table and also update data service entity table.

  1. Share Open API details to access —》 business users are not well versed with Postman to generate refresh token for further data consumption from DS entity table.

  2. Create App, publish and share —》Business users can provide inputs in App and extract data from DS entity table.

If requirement is to add record in DS entity table → I am not sure whether licensing is required to add record in DS entity table via App or not.

If requirement is to read data —>What format data can be provided based on filtered criteria.

  1. Build attended process

So far, option 2 and 3 looks good to me as compared to option 1.

Hi @Sonalk

Check out the reference video


Hi @Sonalk,

For the reading and writing of data service entities for business users, I would recommend option 2. Combining an app with data service entities would allow for business users to filter based upon certain fields of a entity and set rules for the subsequent data contained. It would also allow for these users to create entity records using data operations Create/Update upon an event from a control component in the App. Please ensure that these users have the correct permissions for read/write operations as outlined here: Managing Access.

As for licensing, any automation cloud account connected to the organization would have the ability to see and use the published the app.

Please let me know that helps!

Hi @Jack_Miller : Thanks for your inputs.

What are the different options to present filtered data in App (filtered data will appear from Data service entity table) : examples 1. Excel file (how to load in excel), 2. Tabular structure

I am fine with push data approach into DS entity table via UiPath App

Hi @Sonalk,

For filtering data within the Apps, I would recommend using the Lookup and Filter functions under the Data Context or Data Source sections of an app component. With records populated within Data Service, these functions allow the app to query the data and find end-user specific data based upon given criteria. You can find more information here: Using Apps with Data Service