UiPath Community 23.2 Preview Release - Document Understanding

A little belated - but with some good new stuff coming up - I present to you the 23.2 preview release :metal:

Updates on Business Rules

Mathematical Formula Field Rules ∑

With this release, we have added a new rule type which allows for the definition of mathematical formulas for both simple fields or column fields of type Number, referencing other number fields or number values. In this sense, one can provide one or multiple of the following:

  1. Field: either of the below:
  • a simple field of type Number
  • a column field of type Number
  • or a fixed value (provided by the user)
  1. Mathematical Operator: +, *, -
  2. Grouping Operator: (,)

All these to model use cases like:

  • Total > 100
  • Total = Subtotal + Delivery – Discount
  • Line Amount = Unit Price * Qty (all 3 being column fields, rule applicable for each row of the table)
  • Total Discount = sum (Discount Value)
  • Total Price = sum (Unit Price * Qty)
  • Total Price = sum(Line Amount) + Tax - Total Discount
  • And many more :blush: shall we be missing anything, do shout out – and keep watching, more rules one their way :dancer:t2:

:bangbang:Known issue: when validating the field, the rule will fail unless the fields have the exact same number of decimal digits - it will not recognize the fact that 44.2 = 44.20 - this is something we work on fixing and will be releasing a fix for soon!

Automatically applied rules in the Validation Station :face_with_monocle:

Remember the Field Level Business Rules feature we previewed some while back? Where one would check the extraction against certain pre-defined rules, in the Validation Station? Until now, the rules have been verified when submitting the validation session – however, with this new release, they will automatically be applied, so that one can see the results quickly, reducing like so the time one spends validating the documents.

Enhanced the Forms Extractor page-matching algorithm :jigsaw:

For the Form Extractor to correctly extract the data from a document, until now, the document pages needed to be in the order in which the Template has been configured – with this new release, we have enhanced the algorithm and are using the “page matching info” to identify the page and match the result of it to the page of the document received as input to the activity. In this way, we rely on exact matching info, instead of a page order when identifying and extracting the data, leading to an improved extraction result – even for scanned documents for which the pages do not respect a particular order.

We hope the improvements are valuable to you - let us know your feedback, looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


Super awesome! Excited to see some of these new features… Testing them in the next few days :slight_smile:

@Lahiru.Fernando looking forward to your feedback! :pray:


Great improvements @Monica_Secelean . Super excited to test all these :slightly_smiling_face: Just want to know is there any documentation to guide on these changes

@ushu sure, find details about Business Rules here: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/20232-load-taxonomy-preview#rules-tab - let us know if it doesn’t answer your questions/anything’s missing :slight_smile:


Pretty exciting features in the new release, looking forward to test and try them out! :smiley:

Thank you @Monica_Secelean

Sound good updates, wait for full support for RTL language support to try Arabic Documents.

Thank you will explore the

Wow, these are some very welcome additions to DU and Validation Station, looking forward to starting using them !