Uipath cant pull datatable into excel


I am building a process which requires pulling a report from PowerBi into Uipath and then creating a datatable with specific information which will be read into an excel template. The template then requires the data to be read in from row A6 however the problem i am having is that the only row being populated it row A6.

I have an Output data table activity in the workflow and can see there are a lot of rows which need to be added to the template but i am unsure why the write range isn’t pulling them in. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I dont know if i understand you well, but A6 is a cell and not a row… If you use that as range, you will get only that…

Yes sorry - I want to pull the datatable in starting at that cell however it doesnt seem to be working. It only pulls one line from the datatable

Can you help?

What i like to do is make a table of the data in excel, so in range i use the table name instead.

Like this?


instead of “A6” you put like “Table1”. Also dont forget your data table contains headers, you cant write it in row 6…

But i am reading it in from a datatable? which is called “filteredDefferedRevenue”

That is not the range property…

ok so what should be in the range property to read in the full datatable?

You are writing, not reading… i think there is some confusion here…

I understand that i am writing into the excel - i am writing the data from my datatable "filteredDefferedRevenue” into a excel template. I have used a write range not a read range

I told you to create a table in you excel range to use as the range name in the write range…

How do i do this? I dont know how many rows will be brought in weekly from the powerbi report which is where my datatable "filteredDefferedRevenue” gets its data

In my case i would use Table1 instead of your A6, so your new data would automatically be added in your excel in the right place…