Uipath assistant version 0.1.0

Hi All,

I am beginner in Uipath and am using Uipath Studio community version 2020.4.2. Recently, I started learning about the orchestrator and trying to run some of my workflows using Uipath Assistant which is of version 0.1.0

I am able to run the workflows successfully through Uipath assistant, My doubt is, the version of assistant and Uipath studio doesn’t match. Will this be a problem? Can anyone guide me on this.




Hy @swapnaethi, welcome to the UiPath Community.

I have just check the versions in my computer and its same on yours.

This is not an isse, as they are different applications from they have different versions.

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@William_Blech_Sister, Thanks for the reply.

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Hy @swapnaethi

Glad I could help you!

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