Uipath Assistant Not launching (Invalid file descriptor to ICU data received.)

When try to launch UiPath assistant then it is not opening neither showing any error
when try to run from cmd it shows
“Invalid file descriptor to ICU data received.”


Did you try restarting the system?

Is this the first time you are opening?


I restarted system twice
Assistant was working fine but when system restarted then its not opening, restarted again but no result ,There is no running process in task manager.
Automation is running since 1 year.


Can you try to reinstall if you have the msi

Is the system updated or anything ?


Yes ,Windows got updated.
If I reinstall does it upgrade and package or version??
I don’t want to upgrade any package(it will throw error when upgraded)


is your a enterpise one? if yes then you would have the specific version msi you need with your team use that then you would have same version


Yes , we use enterprise version.
Ok I will try that and update here

Thanks for quick response

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Try to perform these steps:

· Go to Control Panel → Programs → Apps and Features → Uninstall the UiPath Platform Installer (if it exists) and UiPath Studio

After the UiPath Studio/Robot uninstallation, delete the below folders if they exist:

· The settings in the folders %PROGRAMDATA%\UiPath, %LOCALAPPDATA%\UiPath, and %APPDATA%\UiPath
· The packages folder %USERPROFILE%\.nuget\packages
· The NuGet cache folders content from %LOCALAPPDATA%\NuGet\v3-cache, %userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath\.cache
· The Assistant processes folder in the Windows Start menu %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\UiPath Assistant Automations and %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\UiPath Assistant Processes
· The content from the %temp% folder
· Restart the machine
· Install again the UiPath Studio/Robot using this installer https://download.uipath.com/versions/23.10.7/UiPathStudio.msi