UiPath Assistant login has expired - increase session time

Hi All!

We have a Robot connected to Assistant via Interactive Sign-In.
But time after time we need to sign out and sign in again, which is a little bit annoying.
Assistant says: login has expired.

Is there a way to increase the session time or something like this, so that we don’t have to log in and out so often?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @j.marton

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check out this video

Hope it will helps


Hi Gokul!

Thanks for the video, I checked the video, but it was not helpful in my problem.

Hi @j.marton

Can you confirm if it is a attended or unattended setup?

and what mode of installation was done? service or user

Can check this matrix for best compatibility


Hi Anil G!

It’s Attended with User Mode.
Based on the optimality matrix, Interactive Sign In should be used and is in use.

Any other idea?


Can you check if all the robot services are up or any service is getting disconnected or shutdown

And also If its not a directory user then did you provide the credentials in orchestrator while creating the bot?


As you are saying that you installed it in User Mode, are you using the Service URL connection?

Try also these solutions:

  • Increase the UIPATH_SESSION_TIMEOUT system environment variable on your server. The default value is 60 seconds, which might be insufficient due to slow performance on some machines. Please note that the environment variable is set in Seconds and the Robot Service needs to be restarted after modifying this variable.

We use the cloud Orchestrator URL to connect.

If the UIPATH_SESSION_TIMEOUT system environment variable value is 60 seconds, I think it’s about building the connection, not about the connection time. After the connection, it stands for at least a week.

I want to increase that connection time from minimum a week to as large as possible (to avoid the frequent log out/log in in Assistant).

Yes, you are right.

Orchestrator’s UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file does not offer a way to update the bearer token expiration time.

Changes are possible only by adjusting the AccessTokenLifetime property of the Orchestrator.Ropc client in the Identity Server’s Clients database.

In the following example, the bearer token expiration time is set to 604800 seconds (168 hours).

UPDATE [identity].[Clients]
SET AccessTokenLifetime = 604800
WHERE ClientName = 'Orchestrator.Ropc'

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