UiPath Apps Tutorial - Integrate Dropdown List with Data Service

Hello UiPath Community!

This latest video from the RPA Vanguard YouTube channel focuses on the Dropdown List control in UiPath Apps.
We start off by talking about the basics of Dropdown list & how to set one up.
We then up the game slowly & integrate the dropdown list with Data Service.
And then you will get to see how you can organize and build powerful data-driven UiPath Apps with minimal effort. Added to that, you will realize how this approach will translate into long term ease of owning and maintaining your UiPath App!

Extended Demos showcase the ease with which you can build additional capabilities into your UiPath Apps with little or no maintenance overhead.

The video track:

  1. 00:00 - Intro
  2. 00:19 - Prologue
  3. 01:39 - The Demo App
  4. 03:23 - The Basic Example
  5. 10:22 - Cons of the Basic Approach
  6. 12:13 - Improvements to the Basic Approach
  7. 19:26 - Dropdown-Data Service Integration
  8. 26:32 - Manage Dropdowns with Data Filters
  9. 33:28 - Create Multiple Dropdowns from a Single Entity
  10. 40:06 - Ext. Demo #1 - Get Selected Counts
  11. 45:33 - Ext. Demo #2 - App Variable Behavior
  12. 54:28 - Epilogue

Project code and sample data can be found here .