Password in UiPath apps

How to make password hidden in UiPath apps. Suggest a way to create hide and show password button in UiPath apps.


I would recommend to have a view on this thread where there was a similar discussion

Hope this would help you

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There is an app mentioned in that thread. That app is not easily understandable. Please suggest some other solution.

actually i shared that thread for the discussion happened
we dont have a direct option for now atleast
its in the roadmap

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Is this feature available in UiPath apps? I can not understand how it has been done in this app (in the thread you shared). Can someone suggest some ways to do so?

its a workaround… i dont think its with a direct method @aditi.kumari

If you can give an overall idea of how it has been achieved, it would be great.

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I got to see an alternative for you
Hope this works

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