UiPath App PWA icon on iOS?

When user pin UiPath App site to their iOS device, iOS just generates an icon based on the site content.

How to customize the icon so it is unique?

@kevin.hui ,

not sure if i understand your questions, can you be bit more clear?

Hello, below are a couple of links that might be better in explaining what I am trying to accomplish.

iOS users are able to pin UiPath App to their home screen. But when they pin it, it does not look nice because the icon is a screenshot of the site.

The official documentation from Apple about PWA icon is here. The link is safe. Or, you can google search (Configuring Web Applications)

If you google search “ios pwa apple touch icon”. You would find non-UiPath app users having the same issue, or, website that have guidance on how to add PWA icon. But how do I do it inside UiPath Apps?

Below is question from GitHub that has the same issue as me. Or, you can google search (ios pwa apple touch icon)