UIPath and HashiCorp Vault


I wanted to know if an integration between UIPath and HashiCorp Vault is in your backlog?


I’m interesting in knowing that as well?!

Any update about this? My company is really interested in that too!

We are deploying the same integration - is there any update on the progress of integration with HashiCorp Vault ?

Sorry to tag you @loginerror, but perhaps you can help answer the question? I know this is a while ago, however to keep the thread updated for new visitors.

Hi @sonnymeyer

This is something our team is considering for future releases. Feel free to contact our technical support, as there might be a way to implement it:

But just to be clear - is your question about on-premise or cloud Orchestrator?

We’re considering building this as a custom activity. I’d love to get some feedback from people using Vault today and how they’re using it currently. Email me at mark@formulatedautomation.com.

I’ll update this thread if we release an activity.

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We ended up using the Vault HTTP API for most of this versus jumping into writing a custom activity. You can see a demo of it here - StupidRobotTricks/README.md at main · FormulatedAutomation/StupidRobotTricks · GitHub

Happy for any feedback on this solution.


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Hi @MarkFormulated

If you feel like it, feel free to create a new topic in our #news:faq category with enough context on the method (it is fine linking to the GitHub page, but some extra context within the topic itself would be nice so that our users know what to expect when they click the link).

That category has a higher search priority precisely for nice tutorials like the one here :slight_smile:

I have been working on a Hashicorp Vault credential store plugin that you can find in this PR: Hashicorp Vault Plugin by cosminvlad · Pull Request #9 · UiPath/Orchestrator-CredentialStorePlugins · GitHub
Maybe you want to give that a spin and give me some feedback.

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