Does UiPath Support Azure Key Vault?

The documentation explicitly mentions support for CyberArk as a “third-party enterprise-grade credential store” to manage credentials, in addition to the option to store them in Orchestrator’s database using 256-bit encryption.

However, we are wondering if Azure Key Vault is supported as a credential management solution.

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I was checking inside UI Path resources and the only thing i saw is about CyberArk :

It make sense UIPath include it in next releases moving forward. But i really don’t know.

Let’s see with someone from UIPath to confirm that ok?

Hi @ovi How are you?Could you check it when you have some available time?

~Diego Turati

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Thanks Diego!

CyberArk was the only reference I saw in the docs also. Hopefully someone from UiPath can confirm, as you’ve suggested.

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With no response coming in on the Forum, I submitted a request to Technical Support and they replied with the following:

Currently UiPath supports only cyber Ark [sic] as secure vault. Currently Azure vault [sic] is not supported by UiPath. The integration with the Azure vault is in the future road map and is excepted to be released in upcoming release of 19.4 or above. The time line for release would be difficult to predict at this point of time.

Request you to please follow the release notes for upcoming features and releases


Our best estimate for delivering this is in version 19.5, due by end of May.


Thanks Cosmin - is version 19.5 due end of May 2019? Or do you mean May 2020?

I don’t see information indicating when version 19.5 is being released, and just know that current version is 2018.4.5, so if I were to extrapolate from what I see with current versions, I’d guess v 19.5 will be out in a year. However, that extrapolation is a guess and may be incorrect.

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Hi @plainck

We are currently releasing one Preview version every month for the Community Edition (from 19.1 to 19.12).

As far as Enterprise edition, we will have two every year, 19.4 and 19.10.

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Thanks very much - that makes perfect sense. I can see that the versioning pattern has changed / is changing from yyyy.quarter (2018.1 to 2018.4) to yy.month (19.1, 19.2, …19.5…). So 19.5 will be out next month (May 2019).

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