Uipath advance certificate questions duobt

Hi guys
I really appreciate to get instant answer from you. I have some doubt of uipath advance question to improve my score please see the below screenshot kindly explain the answer so that I can improve my understanding knowledge and improve my skill.
I also need help to understand the workflow analyzer i did not get any study material in youtube
I really appreciate all of you.
You do a such a great job.

Can anyone please answer these given questions i really appreciate.


40 - Option 4 (Potential infinite loop detected is the correct option as False condition didn’t specify in Flow condition.)

26 - Option 1 (Background process doesn’t interact with UI actions)

41 - Option 4

43 - Option 4 (Settings sheet)

All options are not visible properly.

Workflow throws exception after 5000 ms - Find Element: Calculator activity Timeout Exceeded.

For Excel filter - Option 3 is correct.

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I really appreciate but I ge confuse in question no 40 can you please explain why its throw exception in 5000 although we are using patellar active.


In Find Element - Calculator, Timeout mentioned as 5000 ms and in Find Element - Snipping tool** Timeout mentioned as 10000 ms.

In Parallel activity, if one flow got failed then it will come out of it irrespective what other flows are doing. The one with less Timeout will throw exception first here.

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I appreciate thank you so much

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