UiPath Activity Creator 4.0 Not generates a nuget package

Hi all,

I has been trying to generate a nuget package by publishing the Designer project on Visual Studio.

This is the output on the console:

But only dlls and additional files are generated. No nuget package at all.

Thanks for the help you can provide on this.

@DeanMauro I was trying to follow the documentation from UiPath but no luck so far.

Yo, Had the same issue, try publishing with Visual Studio 2019
(Refer to this post)

Hi @AndresTarazona You can use the .dll file to create nuGet package by using NugetPackageExplorer. Please refer ‘Create a NuGet package’ section from the below link : Migrating Activities to .NET 6


I understand there are alternatives to achieve this, I was pointing to what it seems a missing functionality that was there on the version 3 of the activity creator.

Hi @YAZIDI I tried one of the solutions proposed on your post by selecting Build instead of publish, combined with the project setting that allows to create a nuget package.

It seems to be working but I’ll run additional tests.

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