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Hi @garimavarshney9

In the property of this activity, there is a property called filter. You can use the filter wizard there to set the sent date to Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”), which will get you all the mails sent today.

Hope this helps, let us know if this works.
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Hi @garimavarshney9, can you please try with Mail.DateAsDateTime ?

Did you solved the issue?
please try to downgrade/upgrade mail activity package to 1.12.3 version. It will solve your problem.

Hi @garimavarshney9 Can you give a try with the expression in the below link

Hi @garimavarshney9

Please find the following approach, which is actually working:

In the ‘Filter’ property of ‘Get outlook mail messages’ - set the value to "[ReceivedTime] >= " + DateTime.Today.ToString("dd")


Hope this helps, please let me know if any further assistance is required.


Hi @garimavarshney9 ,

You can add the filter in Options section of Outlook activity properties as shown in below screenshot,

"[ReceivedTime] >= '" + DateTime.Today.ToString("dd") + " 00:00AM'"

Hope this may help you :slight_smile: