Uipath Abbyy Integration

As per the updates received,Abbyy Connectors are going to Phase out.
What will be the alternative solution to build up connection between UiPath and Abbyy ?


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Yeah that’s right
But u have some alternatives for them

  1. Tessaract OCR


  1. UiPath Document Understanding APIs


Hope this helps

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Thank you for your response @Palaniyappan.
We are interested in integrating UiPath with Abbyy Flexicapture and looking for solution towards it as we have ABBYY Flexicapture Cloud Licenses available.
Do we have any alternative approach how we can overcome for Abbyy Connectors replacements ?

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Yes, there are a few alternative approaches that you can use to integrate UiPath with Abbyy Flexicapture without using the Abbyy Connectors.

Try with this marketplace component once

One approach is to use the Abbyy Flexicapture REST API. The REST API allows you to interact with Abbyy Flexicapture programmatically. You can use the REST API to submit documents for processing, retrieve processed documents, and manage Abbyy Flexicapture resources.


I recommend checking UiPath’s official documentation, release notes, or contacting UiPath support for the most up-to-date information on the status of Abbyy connectors and potential alternatives.

If UiPath has deprecated or phased out the Abbyy connector, you might consider the following alternative solutions:

  1. Custom API Integration: If Abbyy provides APIs or web services for document processing, you can build custom activities in UiPath to interact with these APIs directly. This would involve making HTTP requests, handling responses, and parsing the data.
  2. Use OCR Activities: UiPath provides built-in OCR activities that can be used for document processing and data extraction. These activities can be used to extract text and structured data from images and PDFs.
  3. Other OCR Solutions: Explore alternative OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions that are compatible with UiPath. Some examples include Google Cloud Vision OCR, Microsoft OCR, or Tesseract OCR. These solutions may offer document processing capabilities similar to Abbyy.